FAQ Nuang Jungle Marathon
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FAQ This FAQ section will provide an answer to all your questions, before and after your registration for the maratjhon. In case you still have questions, contact us via e-mail.
This section contains very important information. We strongly advise you to go through the FAQ very thoroughly so you have a good insight of what the Nuang Jungle Marathon is all about. Please also do read our Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions before submitting your registration form.  

An answer to your questions...

Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations
6. Terrain 6.1 What to expect? The terrain which will be technically challenging for all participants. Some trails are wide but you will encounter rather narrow jungle trails. Some will be sandy, others bare clay or leaf-covered. You will have sections with roots, fallen trees and bamboos, rocks and stream crossings. Top 6.2 Will the stream crossings be deep? No. You don't have to wade any stream above waist level. For sure you will not be able to keep your running shoes dry when crossing the streams. However some streams might be crossed jumping from rock to rock. Water levels may initially be low, but mountain streams tend to swell extremely fast especially during and after heavy downpour. Although we don't expect any issues, even in bad weather conditions, do not cross any stream if common sense tells you it might be dangerous to do so. In that case sms the Organisers Emergency Number (OEN) and ask for further instructions. In case a marshal is present, follow his instructions. Top 6.3 Will it be steep? There are steep sections. The total elevation gain for the half marathon is more than 1500 meters. For the full marathon the total elevation gain is more than 2700 meters. Top 6.4 Will it be slippery? Even when it's not raining steep sections might be slippery. Heavy downpour can cause very challenging hiking conditions… Wearing shoes with a proper profile is a must! Top 6.5 Will there be obstacles? Yes. This cannot be avoided in the jungle. Although most of the the obstacles which could be removed have been removed, nature stays in control. Slippery rocks, crossing streams, tackling fallen trees and bamboos will all be on the course. Where possible the track is cleared of the rattan and other thorny plants which were growing on the trail itself. Top <<     >>