FAQ Nuang Jungle Marathon
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FAQ This FAQ section will provide an answer to all your questions, before and after your registration for the maratjhon. In case you still have questions, contact us via e-mail.
This section contains very important information. We strongly advise you to go through the FAQ very thoroughly so you have a good insight of what the Nuang Jungle Marathon is all about. Please also do read our Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions before submitting your registration form.  

An answer to your questions...

Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations
12. Race modalities 12.1 Are there certain rules and regulations for this event? Yes. They are listed in a separate section of the website. By registering for this event you agree with these Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations (TCRR). Top 12.2 What do I do with the BIB label? You will receive one label with your BIB number. It has to be worn in the front, and it should be visible at all times. If the label is not clearly visible, it might cause incorrect checkpoint readings. Top 12.3 When is the official start of the race? The full marathon will start at 07:00am and the half marathon will start at 07:30am. Top 12.4 Will the clock be stopped when I reach a checkpoint? Or when I seek medical attention? No. The clock for your race starts ticking once you pass the Start (S) and will be stopped as soon as you pass the Finish (F) or withdraw at one of the Checkpoints (CP). Top 12.5 Who will be the winner of the race? The runner who covers the entire distance of the trail in the shortest amount of time, provided that all rules and regulations were respected. Top 12.6 Will there be any intermediate time registration? Officially not. If you want to record your intermediate times, you have to organise yourself as such. The Checkpoints (CP) are mainly positioned to keep track of where you are in the jungle. Top 12.7 At what time do the Checkpoints (CP) close? All Checkpoints (CP) will be manned for participants to finish the race within the advised time and will close as follows: Checkpoint 5: Halfway point Janda Baik: 03:00pm Checkpoint 6: Lata Cemperoh: 04:00pm Checkpoint 7: Summit Gunung Nuang: 06:00pm Checkpoint 8: Kem Pacat: 07:00pm Checkpoint 9: End old logging road: 08:00pm 12.8 Can I take as long as I want to reach the Checkpoints (CP)? We apply a system of cut-off time for the full marathon and advised time for full and half marathon. Top 12.9 What are the cut-off and advised times for the full marathon? Checkpoint 5 - Half-way point Janda Baik: 02:00pm - If you fail to reach Assistance Centre 5 before 01:30pm you will be advised to abandon the race at that moment since it will be theoretically impossible to reach Checkpoint 5 before 02:00pm. Advised time to finish the race: 14 hours Top 12.10 What are the cut-off and advised times for the half marathon? No cut-off times The advised time to finish the race: 10 hours. Top 12.11 What am I supposed to do at the Checkpoint (CP)? The Checkpoints (CP) are manned with marshals who will register your BIB number when you are passing their checkpoint. Failing to register at either one of the checkpoints will lead to immediate disqualification. The registration is an active process, which means that you yourself make your passage noted by the marshals. Don't simply assume that they have seen you. Top 12.12 Are all the Checkpoints (CP) mentioned on the map? No. We have the Fixed Checkpoints (FCP), which are mentioned on the map and in the Race Booklet (RB). Besides that there might be additional Mobile Checkpoints (MCP) at undisclosed locations to avoid that some participants might be tempted to use some shortcuts. Failing to register at either one of the Mobile Checkpoints (MCP) will lead to immediate disqualification. Top 12.13 Am I supposed to present anything at the checkpoints? No. Only be sure that your BIB is clearly visible and that you have been noticed by the marshals. Top 12.14 Am I supposed to present anything at the Drink Stations (DS)? No. You hydrate yourself at the drink stations and can top up your hydration bladder or water bottle as you like. Top 12.15 Am I supposed to present anything at the Feed Station (FS)? N/A. 12.16 If someone wants to pass me on the track, what am I supposed to do? Some parts of the trail are narrow and may cause congestion if several runners end up there at the same time. For a lot of runners, this event will rather be a fight against themselves than against the time, so respect the fact that some runners are simply faster. Be kind and gentle and let those behind you pass if they want to. Top 12.17 Am I allowed to walk on the trail? Sure. Think of your own safety as running might increase the chance of injuries during certain stretches.. Top 12.18 Am I allowed to run with someone else or in a group? Of course. If you can team up with someone or a few peers running at the same pace as you do, why shouldn't you? However you can only run or hike with registered participants. Top 13.19 Am I allowed to rest on the trail? Sure but please be sure not to obstruct the trail. If possible we would advise you to rest at the Drink Stations (DS) or Checkpoints (CP). Top 12.20 Will there be rubbish bins along the trail? No. This is a jungle and rainforest run, not a run in the park. You have to take all your rubbish like wrappers, stretch foil, cans, bottles, etc. with you and dispose it in the rubbish bins at the Checkpoints (CP) and Drink Stations (DS).  Be a responsible runner! We adhere a zero tolerance policy when it comes to littering. The marshals will not issue any warning, so failing to adhere to these rules will lead to immediate disqualification. If we leave rubbish behind, no local authority will be eager to have us for any upcoming event. Top 12.21 Can I listen to music during the race? Yes you can provided that you are wearing headphones. Don't play music without headphones as it will lead to disqualification and you will be asked to leave the race. Top 12.22 Can I bring supporters? Yes you can, but they are not allowed to pace you in any way. If they want they can cheer you at the Checkpoints (CP) or elsewhere along the track. Top 12.23 Can any of my supporters bring food and drinks for me? Yes. However logistic support should take place at the Drink Stations (DS). Top 12.24 What will happen if I'm not able to finish the race? If you are injured, exhausted, 'simply have enough' or forced to exit the race by the marshals, you still have to return to the Meeting Point (MP). For the half marathon: Only Checkpoint 1 might be accessible by 4WD. Transport could be arranged and will be charged separately. Please do understand that there is no regular shuttle between this checkpoint and the Meeting Point (MP), so you might have to be patient while transport arrangements are made. A transport fee of RM30.00 will be charged. For the full marathon: Only Checkpoints 5 is accessible by car. If you want to abandon the race halfway, inform the marshals at Checkpoint 5 - Turnaround Point (TP) that you don't want to continue with the race so they can make transport arrangements. Please do understand that there is no regular shuttle between Checkpoint 5 and the Meeting Point (MP), so you might have to be patient. A transport fee of RM50.00 will be charged. Top 12.25 What will happen if I haven’t finished the race by sunset? Although a headlamp is not part of the mandatory kit, we highly recommend to bring along one - at least in your drop bag - if you expect you will need more than 12 hours to finish the race. <<     >>