Full Marathon 42 km Nuang Jungle Marathon
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42 km - 12 hours What’s included...? registration fee goodies bag race pack event T-shirt transport from and to the car park transfer drop bag water supply along the track isotonic drinks along the track fruit and energy gel along the track first aid stations and standby rescue team one cooked meal finisher’s medal finisher’s T-shirt certificate
42 km - 14 hours Be Part of the Legend...!   
This jungle marathon requires a serious level of fitness and endurance. If you are unable to meet the stipulated cut-off times, you will not be allowed to continue the race and you might be redirected to the Half Marathon. If you are fit, take up the challenge.  It’s the only way to find out whether you are up to it or not. However if your fitness level is not optimal, we advise you to register for the Half Marathon 21 km instead.
The 42 km event is a full marathon set in the dense jungles of Hulu Langat. It is a race against time and against yourself. Participants have to cover the full marathon distance of 42 kilometers in less than 14 hours. Intermediate cut-off times will safeguard participants from underestimating the challenge or overestimating their physical and mental capacities. Unlike other marathons, which are run on hard or sealed road surface, the Nuang Jungle Marathon, is a marathon on jungle trails. There is only a very short stretch on tarred road surface. The Nuang Jungle Marathon includes the treacherous climb of Gunung Nuang, which is the second highest peak in the state of Selangor and one of the main icons amongst the hiking and trail running communities. The full marathon will start in Kampung Pangsoon (Hulu Langat). It will follow the trail to Kem Lolo with several small stream crossings, Kem Pacat and Puncak Pengasih before reaching the summit. The ascent will lead to Lata Cemperoh and a loop before reaching Janda Baik. The latter will be the half way point. Participants will make a U-turn and head for the summit once again, this time using the Janda Baik trail. After reaching the beirut at the summit for the second time, they will descend for Kampung Pangsoon and the finish line. Marshals will monitor the event and the participants have to register at the several checkpoints along the track in order to avoid disqualification. The 42 km trail will follow well-trodden as well as short stretches of new trails passing numerous streams and waterfalls. Rocky tracks, root sections, red clay (mud) and dense jungle trails will alternate with nice distinguishable trails, favoured by trail runners. All participants are allowed to have a drop bag around the half way mark, hence it is not necessary to take all you need for your 42 km trip from the start. Although runners and hikers are expected to be self-sufficient during the event, along the track are several water stations where participants can fill their water bottles and hydration packs. Some drink stations will also supply isotonic drinks. Somestations will have fruit and after the finish line, a cooked meal will be served. As the start is scheduled for 7:00am and the cut-off time for this race is 14 hours, some participants might not reach the finish line by the time darkness sets in. At the moment we are still working on the prize monies for the top-ranked participants. Drop us a line if you want us to keep you informed. There is a mandatory kit for this event, and more details can be found on this web page. This will be another event in the DIE HARD SERIES© of endurance events, organised by Asian Trail Explorers, and held on jungle trails.  At least three events per year will be scheduled. If you have more questions, please check out the FAQ web page. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us. Asian Trail Explorers is supporting the Olive Project. The organisers will donate a part of the paid participation fee to this charitable organisation. Participation fees (excl. GST): 24/03-13/05/2016: RM160 14/05-13/07/2016: RM170 14/07-13/08/2016: RM180 14/08-13/10/2016: RM190 Slightly different fees in S$,  and US$ apply for participants not residing in Malaysia.

42 km - 14 hours 

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