FAQ Nuang Jungle Marathon
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FAQ This FAQ section will provide an answer to all your questions, before and after your registration for the maratjhon. In case you still have questions, contact us via e-mail.
This section contains very important information. We strongly advise you to go through the FAQ thoroughly so you have a good insight of what the Nuang Jungle Marathon is all about. Please also read our Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions before submitting your registration form.  

An answer to your questions...

Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations
1. Online registration 1.1 How do I register online? By making an online booking in the Asian Trail Explorers’ website and providing all the requested details. Registration link. Top 1.2 How do I change to my preferred currency when making a booking? Choose the currency of your choice in the top left corner of the registration pages. Top 1.3 How do I pay for the event? 1. Malaysians can make an online payment via the payment gateway that is part of the registration process. 2. Participants who are not residing in Malaysia can make a payment via PayPal. Top 1.4 Do I have to make full payment? Yes. Only full payment will entitle you to participate. Partial payments will be refunded minus an administration fee of RM50.00 Top 1.5 How do I know whether you have received my payment? Your registration will be confirmed via a confirmation e-mail. If you don’t receive such e-mail within 24 hours, contact us immediately. Top 1.6 I have issues in creating an account or making a booking. What am I supposed to do? Contact us immediately via e-mail and explain the issue. Top 1.7 Can anyone participate in this race? This race is open for men and women above the age of 16 for the half marathon and above the age of 18 for the full marathon. We compare your date of birth with the date of the event to determine how old you are. Top 1.8 Are there any medical issues that will prohibit me from participating? Participants suffering from any heart condition, diabetes, vertigo or any other medical condition which can be aggravated by prolonged physical activity are advised not to participate in this event unless a medical doctor states otherwise. Top 1.9 I have registered myself. Can I upgrade to a higher category? Can I downgrade to a lower category? Yes you can opt to compete in a different category than the one you previously registered for, within a minimum of 30 days before the event. But you have to first obtain the approval of the organisers and pay a transfer fee of RM50.00 Top >>