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24 March 2016 The registration for the 2016 edition is now open. 03 November 2015 Those who haven't received their Race Pack yet can find the tracking number of the parcel in their online account with Asian Trail Explorers. Use the tracking number to check the status of your parcel on the Poslaju website. 01 November 2015 The pdf file with the profiles of every stage and the topographic map can be downloaded from the Stages web page. 31 October 2015 The copy of the Race Booklet containing the description of the race stages can be downloaded from the Stages web page. 31 October 2015 We would like to remind you that all participants for the Nuang Jungle Marathon have to bring their own water bottle, hydration bladder or cup...! We don't provide any bottles or cups at any of the drink stations. You can top up your water bottle or hydration bladder at the drink stations, or, if you are extremely confident that you only will need fluid intake at the drink stations, you can use your own cup. In the months leading to this event, we have spent countless hours in the jungle without leaving behind any trace of rubbish. However, during the event itself, it takes one participant only a few hours to create such a mess and litter literally kilometres of trail, that it takes several days to collect and remove the trash. And it's not the event itself or the heroic hardship the participants went through that will make the headlines, but the pile of rubbish which was left behind... Unfortunately, and it's hard to admit, it seems that not every trail runner is a nature lover – or cease to be one during an organised trail running event in a race environment. We urge all participants to hold on to that inborn sense of responsibility to preserve what's precious. 26 October 2015 Important message: Race Pack Shipments. We will start sending out the Race Packs from Wednesday onward. Be sure that your shipping address on record is correct...! If your address is incorrect or incomplete, you might not receive your Race Pack. To check/edit the shipping address for your booking, follow these few steps: 1. Log into your online account with Asian Trail Explorers. 2. In your dashboard click on “My Bookings”. 3. Click on “view” behind your Nuang Jungle Marathon booking. 4. You will see the status and details of your booking. 5. At the bottom you will see your shipping address. 6. If the address is incorrect or incomplete click on “Edit Shipping Address”. 7. Update the address and click “Submit”. 25 October 2015 Most of the measures in place are for your well-being and safety. Many participants seem to forget that the jungle is in fact a hostile environment and that the response to an emergency cannot be compared to that of a road race. Although a mobile phone is a mandatory item, we cannot make it compulsory to carry a new generation mobile during the race. We are aware that a gps location app cannot be downloaded in very basic mobile phones, hence when you didn't download such app, you won't risk disqualification. However we strongly advise and urge all participants who can download a gps location app to do so. 24 October 2015 We want to remind all participants that only AFTER the race a cooked meal will be served. Most drink stations will provide fresh/dried fruit, but no other food will be provided. It is each individual participant's onus to bring along the snacks they might need during the race if they expect that fruit won't be enough to pull it off. Especially the drop bag for the full marathon participants should contain their preferred food/snack. The food that "was running out" at the turnaround point in Janda Baik last year was the lunch of the volunteers, who willingly and unselfishly shared their own meal with the majority of the participants who neglected to bring their own snacks in their drop bags. Don't overestimate yourself, don't underestimate the marathon, half or full... Come well prepared...! 23 October 2015 Only participants for the FULL marathon are entitled to bring a drop bag. What is a drop bag? What would you pack in the drop bag? How does it work? Read all about it here. 22 October 2015 The trail will be properly marked with signboards and ribbons. These signboards and ribbons are in place for you as a participant. So follow them... Practice taught us that participants tend NOT to see/read/follow the signboards but solely rely on the participant ahead of them. If one takes a wrong turn, the next, and the next, and the next one also take a wrong turn! There are no signboards on the back of the participant in front of you. Follow the markers on the side of the trail. If you're familiar with the usual trail to Gunung Nuang, don't be overconfident. There will be certain stretches that cover other trails than the usual one; some are completely new. Paying attention to the signage is a must...! 21 October 2015 The details of the stages can be viewed here. Remarks: 1. Distances, elevation gain and elevation loss are approximate 2. ETA is the advised time before which a participant should reach the end of the stage 21 October 2015 The start for the Full Marathon will remain at 07:00am. All participants are advised to finish before 09:00pm. A headlamp will be necessary if you expect to finish after 06:00pm. The start for the Half Marathon is rescheduled to 07:30am. All participants are advised to finish before 05:30pm. 20 October 2015 Full Marathon = Full Marathon. Half Marathon = Half Marathon. If you signed up as a participant for the Full Marathon but decide at or after the summit of Gunung Nuang not to proceed to the Turnaround Point in Janda Baik, you will be regarded as DNF. Even though you might have covered much more than 21 km you will not be rewarded with a Half Marathon medal and/or finisher’s T-shirt. 19 October 2015 The Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions have been updated. 18 October 2015 To avoid all misunderstandings: 1. The advised time to finish the half marathon is 10 hours. We would want to see all half marathon participants reaching the finish line before darkness set in. However, those who will reach the finish after 10 hours of race will still be awarded a finisher’s T-shirt, medal and certificate provided there is no ground for disqualification. 2. The advised time to finish the full marathon is 14 hours. However there is a compulsory cut-off time at Janda Baik at 03:00pm. Participants who fail to reach Checkpoint 5 in Janda Baik before 03:00pm will have to hand over their BIB and will be considered as DNF. If a participant is unable to reach Janda Baik within the given time frame, it is impossible to reach the finish line before 09:00pm. However those who have passed Checkpoint 5 before 03:00pm and finish after 09:00pm will still be awarded a finisher’s T-shirt, medal and certificate provided there is no ground for disqualification.  
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