Stages Nuang Jungle Marathon
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Drop Bag for the Nuang Jungle Marathon 2016 Only participants for the FULL marathon are entitled to bring a drop bag. What is a drop bag? It is a small bag or backpack in which you pack stuff that you would like to have access to at the turnaround point in Janda Baik. What would you pack in the drop bag? Your favourite energy drink, food or snack, a spare pair of running shoes, spare running clothes, additional first aid items like painkillers, a headlamp(!), etc. How does it work? 1. Your Race Pack will contain a Drop Bag Label with your BIB number. 2. Use the binder in your Race Pack to attach the label to your drop bag before you leave for the venue on race day. 3. Leave your drop bag at the Start registration counter in Hulu Langat. 4. Your BIB number will be punched as acknowledgement that we received your drop bag. 5. Your drop bag will be transferred to Janda Baik. 6. When (and if) you reach Janda Baik you get access to your drop bag. 7. You take out of your drop bag what you need and you put in your drop bag what you don't need any longer. 8. You return your drop bag to the marshals in Checkpoint 5 in Janda Baik. 9. The compulsory cut-off time at Janda Baik Checkpoint 5 is 02:00pm. All drop bags of those who passed the checkpoint before the cut-off time will be transferred back to Hulu Langat. Transport leaves by 02:15pm. 10. Participants who will reach Checkpoint 5 after 02:00pm will be considered as DNF and will not be allowed to continue their race. Since the drop bag of these participants is still at the checkpoint, participants will have to bring back their own drop bag with the transport that will be provided. 11. Those who DNF will be asked to hand over their BIB to the marshal. The BIB will once again be punched as acknowledgement that the withdrawing participants received their drop bag. 12. The drop bags are ETA in Hulu Langat around 05:00pm. 13. Participants who finished the race present their BIB at the Luggage Counter in Hulu Langat. They collect their drop bag and the BIB will once again be punched as acknowledgement that they have received their drop bag. To avoid all misunderstandings: 1. You bring your own drop bag. We don't provide drop bags. 2. You decide on and bring your own stuff for the drop bag. We don't provide any content. 3. We only provide fruits in Janda Baik. If you think you will need bread, rice, or pasta for instance, you have to bring it in your drop bag. 4. Limit the weight to maximum 5 kg. It is a drop bag, not a 5D/4N backpack... 5. In your Race Pack you will find a Luggage Label and a Drop Bag Label. The Luggage Label has to be attached to the bag that you want to keep in Hulu Langat. The Drop Bag Label has to be attached to the bag you want in Janda Baik. If you mix up the labels, your luggage will end up in Janda Baik and your drop bag will be in Hulu Langat...! 6. Be sure to bring a headlamp in your drop bag. Those who will reach Checkpoint 5 in Janda Baik after 12:00pm will most probably need a headlamp during the last stage(s) of their return journey. 7. It is not compulsory to bring a drop bag.  8. There is no drop bag for the half marathon participants.