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42 km - 14 hours The 42km event is designed for the trail runners and hikers who really want to go beyond the usual and the normal. The treacherous climb of Gunung Nuang starts in Hulu Langat, followed by a descent towards Janda Baik to reach the half-way point. Next Gunung Nuang has to be climbed again, this time towards Hulu Langat. Participants will have to push themselves to the limit in order to finish the event within the given timeframe of 14 hours.
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21 km - 10 hours The 21km event caters for trail runners and hikers who are not looking for the extreme but rather want to participate in an organised race. Of course the climb of Gunung Nuang from Hulu Langat will have its toll and remains challenging. This event is certainly suited for less experienced hikers as well. No doubt that there is lesser pressure to meet the advised finishing time of 10 hours compared to the full marathon, as this event can be considered as an extended day hike or trail run.

Two categories for the Nuang Jungle Marathon