FAQ Nuang Jungle Marathon
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FAQ This FAQ section will provide an answer to all your questions, before and after your registration for the maratjhon. In case you still have questions, contact us via e-mail.
This section contains very important information. We strongly advise you to go through the FAQ very thoroughly so you have a good insight of what the Nuang Jungle Marathon is all about. Please also do read our Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions before submitting your registration form.  

An answer to your questions...

Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations
11. Pre-race modalities 11.1 Is it compulsory to go for a medical check-up before I can participate? No. If you are physically fit and healthy you can participate. Participants suffering from any heart condition, diabetes, vertigo or any other medical condition which can be aggravated by prolonged physical activity are advised not to participate in this event unless a medical doctor states otherwise. Top 11.2 Will there be a briefing for the Nuang Jungle Marathon? No. All information that you need can be found online. If you need additional info, then contact the organisers via e-mail. Top 11.3 What is the exact procedure of the Race Pack (RP) collection? You will present the QR code you have received in your confirmation e-mail in hard or soft copy and you will receive your Race Pack. Top 11.4 When and where do I collect my Race Pack (RP)? You can collect your Race Pack (RP) a few days before race day in the Kuala Lumpur area. Dates and place of collection will be published on the website and in social media. If possible all participants will be informed accordingly via e-mail. Top 11.5 Can my Race Pack (RP) be sent to my address? Yes this is optional. During the registration for the event you can choose the option to have your parcel couriered to an address in Malaysia. Additional charges apply. Top 11.6 Can I collect my Race Pack (RP) on the race day itself? Only participants who are not residing in Malaysia are allowed to collect the Race Pack (RP) on race day itself at the Meeting Point (MP) in Hulu Langat. Top 11.7 Do I have to collect my Race Pack (RP) in person? No. Third parties can collect on your behalf provided they can produce a hard copy of the list of names and BIB numbers on whose behalf they want to collect. Otherwise no Race Packs will be handed over. Top 11.8 Which documents do I have to sign? None during the Race Pack collection. The only document that you will be asked to sign before the race is the Disclaimer. Top 11.9 Will the check of Mandatory Items (MI) be performed during the collection of the Race Pack (RP)? No. The check on the Mandatory Items (MI) will take place at the Meeting Point (MP) right before you will start the race. We want to avoid that some runners might be tempted to leave some mandatory items at home or in the car to limit the weight of their backpack in case we should perform the check earlier than race day itself. Safety comes first! Top 11.10 Will the Mandatory Items (MI) be physically checked? Yes. We have a checklist of the items and check them off as and when you can show them to us. Top 11.11 What is the exact procedure at the Meeting Point (MP)? Participants register in person with their BIB in place. You have the Mandatory Items (MI) checked. Although you are ultimately responsible for your safety, success and failure during the event if you choose not to abide by the list of Mandatory Items (MI), we want to protect you against yourself as much as we can. Checking the Mandatory Items (MI) is a measure for your own safety. You have their QR code scanned. You will have your race card punched. You will have to sign the disclaimer. For the full marathon, if you have a drop bag (one piece) then you drop that bag at the Drop Bag Counter (DBC). If you have luggage (one piece) to be stored, you drop your luggage at the Finisher’s Luggage Counter (FLC). Top <<     >>