FAQ Nuang Jungle Marathon
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FAQ This FAQ section will provide an answer to all your questions, before and after your registration for the maratjhon. In case you still have questions, contact us via e-mail.
This section contains very important information. We strongly advise you to go through the FAQ very thoroughly so you have a good insight of what the Nuang Jungle Marathon is all about. Please also do read our Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions before submitting your registration form.  

An answer to your questions...

Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations
13. Navigation 13.1 Is the trail marked? The trail is marked properly with ribbons and signboards with arrows.The ribbons are placed in such way that in almost all cases you must be able to see a ribbon in front of you and behind you. A sample of the ribbons and the signboards will be displayed at the registration counter at the venue. Top 13.2 Am I supposed to be able to read a topographic map, and understand how a compass works? No, all graphic material is for informative purposes. The trail is clearly marked and you don't need a map nor compass to navigate. Top 13.3 What will I do when I don't see any ribbons along the track? First of all don’t panic. Not seeing any ribbons can only mean that you went off track. Turn around and go back the same way you came until you find the marked trail once more. Follow the marked trail in the correct direction according to your progress. It is almost impossible to be off trail for more than a minute if you pay attention to the placed markers. If you trek back and can't find the original trail, stop and try to get the attention of other runners by blowing your whistle with three equal blasts until you hear someone responding with two equal blasts. If you can't hear any other runner, obtain your location using the GPS app on your phone and send a sms to the Organisers Emergency Number (OEN) with your BIB and relevant information and wait for a reply and further instructions. Keep track of the time you spent off track and some landmarks that might be helpful to determine exactly where you are. Top <<     >>