Die Hard Series Nuang Jungle Marathon
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Nuang Jungle Marathon Be Part of the Legend...!   
These jungle events require a serious level of fitness and endurance. If you are unable to meet the stipulated cut-off times, you will not be allowed to continue the race and you might be asked to turn back. If you are fit, take up the challenge. It’s the only way to find out whether you are up to it or not.
The DIE HARD SERIES©, the first in Malaysia, will push participants to the limit - the brutal and unforgiving terrain will test their skills, endurance and determination to reach the finishing line. The Nuang Jungle Marathon is a classic in the Die Hard Series©. The series will cater for trail runners and hikers. Some events will favour the trail runners, while others, hikers. For every event the participants will collect points based on their finishing position and the finishing time which then will be accumulated in an overall ranking. The number of points that can be collected depends on the difficulty level of the event and the time each participant needs to finish compared to the cut-off time. In that case it is not necessary so that the winner of the full marathon of the Nuang Jungle marathon will earn at least double the amount of points than the winner of the half marathon.


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